Triple-T Cup Spec Racer Ford Series Rules


          To encourage participation, this series will only be held at Summit Point and New Jersey Motorsport Park. All SRF racers are welcome to participate. While running as many weekends as possible certainly improves ones chance of doing well, it is entirely possible to contend for the championship by racing a total of only 6 weekends (see minimum participation requirements). This is provided 2 of the weekends are 3 race weekends (3 race weekends are, Labor day and JRRC).

This series is not sanctioned by the SCCA. However, all SCCA / GCR rules are applicable and all decisions made by the SCCA officials will apply to this series.

The program details:

  • One eligible class – Spec racer ford (no distinction between SRF Gen 2 or Gen 3)
  • Points will be awarded to series participants as follows:

Place              Full points + (entries – place)

1                      40

2                      26

3                      20

4                      16

5                      12

6                      10

7                      8

8                      6

9                      4

10                    2

11                    1

To last            1

DNF                0

DSQ               0

DNS               0


  • Additional points will be awarded according to entry size.
  • Points are based on the number of entries minus your finish position.


5 entries and you finish 2nd would be –

26 pts for 2nd + (5 entries – 2nd place)

26 + (5 – 2) = 29 points

  • If you are DNF, DNS, or DSQ, then 0 points are awarded
  • Every race within an event is a full points race – There are a total of 18 possible races.
  • Points will be listed on a web link through this web site when the series starts.
  • Series participants will count their best 16 races.*
    • The minimum participation requirements are:
      • 3 race weekends at Summit Point AND
      • 2 race weekends at NJMP AND
      • Race a minimum of 12 combined races at NJMP or Summit Point
  • Any ties will be broken by each drivers finishing position in the last race of the year.
  • Trophies for this series will be issued by Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place status at year end. Regional SCCA trophies will be the only, per event, trophies you will receive.

* Participation counts as long as the entry PAYS for the event. He/she does not have to race.