Triple-T Cup Series Recap of Event #7

Weekend Headlines

 Standings and the last event #8 set for October 21-22.

We’re going into the final event of the Triple-T Cup Series slated for October 22 with all of the positions in question, though some are pretty secure if they come to the last event. This event features 3 sprint races with only 58 points between 3 racers for 3rd place. A little over 100 pts separate 1st and 2nd. Ditto for the spread from 2md to 3rd. However, with a significant turnout for the last event, no championship position is clinched. The last event should be intense racing for a lot of positions.

Saturday Race

Rain best describes qualifying and wet describes race time. Everyone on rains yielded different finishes than usual. Pete LaMaina finished in first (that’s not all that unusual) with Steven Thomas, your humble correspondent, finishing 2nd (that is unusual) and Kevin Gauntt finishing in 3rd place. Wow, 3 Jersey boys on the podium. Alan Olson was leading the race when his transmission failed about mid way thru the race.

Sunday Race

Once again, a lot of great races throughout the field with Alan Olson finishing once again on the top of the podium. Looks like the Hagerman crew put the new trans in without a hitch. Those guys are top notch. Had it all done by Saturday evening. Kevin Gauntt secured the 2nd spot and Mr consistent, Jisu Kim finished 3rd.

Monday Race

Lots of great racing throughout the field. A couple perspectives are featured below. Thank you Greg and Christopher. The final results were Alan Olson once again winning another Triple-T Cup Series race making it 2 out of the 3 races featured over the weekend. This puts Alan quite comfortably in the lead of the Series but not unreachable. A 21 car field can yield as many as 180 pts in the last event of the season at NJMP on October 22.

Check out this podium pic.


MARRS 10 2017 SRF Feature Race Car 05 Christopher Blough


MARRS 10 2017 SRF Feature Race Car 50 – Greg Cirillo.


The Contingency winners are:

Penske 1st place – Pete LaMaina ($250.00 cert) –
Penske 2nd place – Steven Thomas ($150.00 cert)  –
Penske 3rd place – Kevin Gauntt ($50.00 cert) –
Random Drawing 1 – NA (Needed 25 or more participants)
Random Drawing 2 – Joe Blank
Random Drawing 3 – Alan Olson
Silver Lining drawing
Penske 1st place – ($250.00 cert) – Jim Rouse
Penske 2nd place – ($150.00 cert) – Phillip Ackley
Penske 3rd place – ($50.00 cert) – Greg Cirillo
Penske 1st place – ($250.00 cert) – Jisu Kim
Penske 2nd place – ($150.00 cert) – Steven Minkon
Penske 3rd place – ($50.00 cert) – Andrew Waldorf
 Author: Steven Thomas….so please excuse spelling and grammar errors.