Specialty metal/plastic cutting tools


Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. boasts to have one of the finest combination of tool grinding talent and tool grinding equipment in the NE region. This expertise has arisen out of years of manufacturing and servicing cutting tools in the metal cutting industry. From the simplest sharpening of end mills to the most complicated form tools, Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. will get the job done.

Our speciality capabilities (but are not limited to):

  • Step drills and step reamers to print
  • Form tools to print
  • Corner radius or full radius milling cutters
  • Tapered tools and tapered ball nose tools
  • Thread mills for the blow mold industry


Check out our “Build A Tool” program online (where customers like you can quote their own special tools!*)

Sharpening end mills


Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. offers sharpening services for a wide variety of carbide and HSS cutters.

Our capabilities (but are not limited to):

  • End Mills (regular, ball end, roughing, crest cuts, tapered)
  • Drills (all points, step, straight)
  • Reamers (straight, spiral, step)
  • Keyseat cutters
  • Counterbores/countersinks
  • Saws/milling cutters
  • Form Tools


(We do not have a “published” list of our current sharpening prices. We ask that you send cutters into our shop for quoting, email or fax us your quote request.)

Sharpening of optical cutters


Triple-T Cutting Tools, Inc. can sharpen many different optical cutters used on many of the optical generators out there at this time. We are currently sharpening all carbide cutters used on Gerber Coburn SGX generators, as well as the PCD type blades used on LOH V  and IQ/SL Gerber Coburn generators.

Click here to see current pricing on sharpening of various optical cutters!